Your access to a network
of hyper-local satellite offices
in unique hospitality locations

Members have access to every drop-in location, all of them dual-purposed restaurant and hotel lobbies to help you re-connect and re-focus. Close enough to commute by foot or bike, every satellite office is equipped with high-speed wifi, complimentary coffee and all the tools you need to be productive.

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Personal space for
focus work


brainstorm and collaborate with colleagues or meet customers and suppliers.


Personal space for
focus work

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Welcome to
‘work from anywhere’

Move away from the binary choice between “work from home” and “in office” and adopt a “work from anywhere” mindset. Embrace increased professional freedom to drop in at any of the unique and hyper-local satellite offices and connect with new people closer to where you live.

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We transform under-utilised spaces into workspaces

Restaurants and hotels are buzzing on weekends but often not used during the day for the rest of the workweek. Get exclusive access on typical downtime moments to these unique hospitality places you otherwise couldn’t work in.

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We turn existing restaurants and hotel lobbies closer to people’s homes into high productivity and safe places for work.

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Become a member

We make work joyful, rewarding and productive again, by enabling you to work from anywhere. Members get access to all locations for individual focus work or to re-connect with colleagues, clients or partners.

We offer one type of membership, with a transparant pay-as-you-consume principle, giving you full control over how and when you utilise your credits. It’s fairly simple, if we may say so ourselves.

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generate new revenue and TURN YOUR LOCATION INTO AN OASIS satellite office

Become an Oasis satellite office and dual-purpose your hospitality location on your typical downtime moments. By joining the Oasis network you get maximum additional revenue with minimal arrangements. No fixed transformations, you keep your space and team operating as you used to.

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Invest in people's
happiness, not in desks

Save money in commercial real estate and office design, freeing it up to invest in your people instead, increasing employee engagement and efficiency.